Learn the terms and Definitions in Hosting

There are so many terms in the world of web hosting, and today, in this article, we will learn to recognize and understand the terms that are in the hosting. Here is the term in hosting that we will describe.

Web Server

the web server is a software that provide service-based data and serves to receive a request from a HTTP or HTTPS on the client. The main function of the Server or the Web server is to perform or will transfer the file to a user request through a communication protocol that has been specified.


HyperText Transfer Protocol – the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web. HTTP defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, in this case the Web server and the browser on duty to take in response to various commands.

IP Address

The Internet is a network computer that is mutually connected in the world. To be able to communicate and exchange data between computers, then it takes the address as the identity. And this Address that is globally called IP Address.

Or we can say that The IP Address is the address or the identity of the numeric given to a computer device, so the computer is identified and connected and communicate with other computers. The address is a number that consists of 4 blocks of the decimal value is limited from the number 0 to 255.

About URL

Uniform Resource Locator  is a series of characters according to a standard format specific, used to indicate an address of a source such as documents, files and images contained in the internet.

About DNS

Domain Name Server is server used to determine IP Address of a host through the host name. Or we can say that DNS is a system which stores all the data information from the domain or hostname in a network.

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